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3 Basic Ways To Teach Your Kid How to Walk

Seeing your child walk is an unforgettable milestone that every parent can ever witness most especially if you are the one who gave your little one the necessary push to be able to walk on his own. As a parent, you are also a personal protector, doctor, and teacher of your child. Your child trusts you more than anyone in the world. There is no one better capable of teaching your children their first steps than you. Here are the basic things you can do to teach your kids that big step towards their great journey.

1. Muscle Strengthening


Your child needs strong muscles to be able to walk. You can let your babies bounce from your legs to practice bending their knees. Get your babies some bouncy chairs to let them develop their leg muscles. Don’t forget to give your child at least 30 minutes of tummy time to strengthen his neck and back muscles.

2. Help On Their Cruise

Make sure to line up things where your baby can drift. It will be helpful if you can get something a bit sturdy for your child to push as your child starts to cruise. Start with something that has no wheels to avoid stumbling then once they are better you can start introducing those toys that have wheels for them to push.

3. Support


Children need your help at this time of their lives more than ever. Childproof your house for them to walk around safely. Show them how well they did even on those small steps. The appreciation you show them means a lot, so they build their confidence. If ever your child falls, don’t scream and show them how scared you are. Doing so can push their progress backward. Just let them hold your hand and let them stand right back from where they left off.

These necessary steps can give you and your child a head start. Children will hold your hand until they are ready to let go.

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